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Travelling overseas and can’t send email?

This is a common problem when travelling overseas. There are a couple of reasons why it happens.

When you are at home or work the standard email setting is to send email through the service provider you are using for your internet connection. This system is in place to make it harder for spammers to take control of mail servers but it means as soon as you are off their network, such as using an airport or hotel wifi, you will get a “relaying denied” error. This is very normal, otherwise they would be allowing anyone in the world to send email through their network.

A way around this is to use our email service to relay your email using authentication. It’s a solution to sending email from your PC, Mac or phone but its not without its problems. Again, to make a spammer’s life harder many network administrators worldwide will block email traffic leaving their network that does not originate from their mail servers. This stops many virus infected PCs sending copious virus spam but it also blocks good email. The result is you can get an error similar to: “failed to connect to outgoing server”.

The best solution (in both cases) while travelling is to use our webmail service. It provides both a desktop and mobile optimised interface and allows you to read and send email through our Australian based servers. Access your webmail by going to http://webmail.netg8.com.au

Safe travels… Ed.