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Ensuring the security of your website

Let me start by saying, you can never really ensure the security of your website. But there is plenty of things you can do to minimise your chances of being targeted. Once your website has been built and made live by your web developer your website may become vulnerable to attack. Web developers often build […]


Travelling overseas and can’t send email?

This is a common problem when travelling overseas. There are a couple of reasons why it happens. When you are at home or work the standard email setting is to send email through the service provider you are using for your internet connection. This system is in place to make it harder for spammers to […]


Don’t get stung by a domain renewal scam

We often get customers asking if an invoice they’ve received for their domain renewal is legitimate or a scam. The simple answer is; if the notice doesn’t come from a known source – then it’s most likely a scam. If you read the invoice closely it will typically ask for payment of a new domain […]


Moving your WordPress website to a new web host

Moving your WordPress website from one web host to another is not difficult – but you need to know what your doing. We often encounter web developers trying to use plugins and other tools to do the job when its just as easy to move a site manually. The benefit of moving a WordPress site […]